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“I started boxing and at the age of 12 years old about 1953 or 54. My intention wasn’t to be a great fighting champion but just to go hand around the club, fight on the local amateur tv shows. It later led up to winning the Kentucky State Golden Gloves on up to the National Golden Gloves, National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), a World Olympic Gold Medal and then I realized I had a chance to make a really good living at it. I went to professional fights. I trained with other professionals. I watched fighters and I learned; took the good and left out the bad. I really wanted to do it. I worked towards it every day 6 days a week for 12 or 13 years. It’s like a doctor, you see a great doctor. You can’t say you’re a good doctor, you know everything about the body, how did you do it. It took him time, he had to go through experiences. He didn’t do it overnight.”
Cassius Clay – Reference: A K A Cassius Clay



“By the time he, Cassius Clay, was eighteen (18) he had been fighting for six (6) years and had fought a total of 108 amateur boughts. Had won 6 Kentucky Golden Gloves Championships, 2 National Golden Glove Championships, 2 National AAU tournaments. Reference: A K A Cassius Clay



It was now 1960, an Olympic year and the games were being held in Rome. And it was Rome where Cassius Clay flew to win a gold medal fighting as a Light Heavyweight.” Reference: AKA Cassius Clay.

Cassius Clay_aka_Muhammad Ali_Alumni_438

The first real thrill. The gold medal; when I had the Russian on this side of me with the silver medal, and the Polish fellow on this side of me with the bronze medal, and I was standing right on the top with the gold medal. That was my greatest thrill.” Reference: A K A Cassius Clay


Clay fought, and lost, a fight to a Marine out of Philadelphia named Percy Price prior to the Olympic trials held in San Francisco to see if he could win a spot on the Olympic team as a heavyweight.

After losing to Price he eventually earned a spot on the Olympic team as a light heavyweight where he won the gold medal.

Reference: Dog House Boxing


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