Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali

THE RED SCHWINN (replica photo)

“At that time Cassius was about 12 and at that time, we were training out of the Columbia Gym. Cassius came out to a meeting or a home show, and someone had stolen his bike. So he was very disturbed about it and someone sent him downstairs to see me because they told him that he should report it to the police and I was the closest police officer at that time. So he came down to tell me the story about someone had stolen his bike and he was very upset about it and wanted to find out who it was so he could whup him. And so in the talking, I ask him I said do you know how to fight and he said well no I had never fought but he said this is one time I would. So after a long talk, I finally got him to quit his crying and told him that I would turn it into the police department and that if he really wanted to fight he should come down and we’d talk properly.”

Joe Elsby Martin, Sr. (February 1, 1916 – September 14, 1996)

Reference: A K A Cassius Clay

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