Belinda Boyd aka Khalilah Camacho-Ali (1950 – Present)
Marriage Term: 1967 – 1977

  • Ali and Belinda’s parents were members of the Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad “inner circle” in Chicago.

  • Ali first “saw” Belinda Boyd when was a junior at the Muhammad University of Islam, a grammar-high school combination for Muslims located in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, she was 16.

  • Ali saw Belinda a year later while she was working at a bakery in Chicago.

  • Ali inquired about her and after speaking to her Muslim parents their marriage was arranged, in 1967 in “old-country” fashion.

  • Muhammad Ali & Belinda Boyd married August 17, 1967, at his home in Chicago. Ali was 25 and Belinda was 17.

  • Shortly after getting married Belinda converted to Islam changing her name to Khalilah Camacho-Ali.

  • Khalilah and Ali produced four (4) children three (3) of whom are girls and the only son to bear the Ali name:

  • Khalilah supported Ali thru struggles he faced while being exiled from boxing for refusing to be drafted to Vietnam.

  • Ali was exiled from boxing for almost three (3) years during his marriage to Khalilah. Khalilah states she “supported Ali financially and emotionally during those times“.

  • Khalilah and Ali’s marriage began to fail after Ali began an affair with Veronica Porche in 1975.

  • Although Muslin tradition allowed Ali to have four (4) wives, the marriage between Khalilah and Ali ended in 1977.

  • Since her divorce, Khalilah maintains her Muslim affiliations and has done work to highlight the progress of Muslim women.

  • As a kid, she had a love for horses and keeps equestrian ribbons received from her participation in horse shows.

  • In 1977 Khalilah earned a third-degree black belt, studied karate under Jim Kelly and Steve Saunders, and eventually earned her ninth degree black belt.

  • Khalilah has also dawned the role of actress with a part in a Jane Fonda film called The China Syndrome.


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